Dubai to witness development of 26,000 new buildings

By June 29, 2017News

More than 26,000 buildings are currently under construction in Dubai, according to Dubai Municipality, the government body that issues all building permits in the emirate. Dubai, the second largest emirate of the seven UAE states, has more than 120,000 civil structures till last year – mostly built within the last 50 years.

However, buildings built in the 1960s and 1970s had a shorter life due to soil conditions and the use of traditional construction technologies and usually come up for demolish within 35-40 years. It currently hosts the world’s tallest 20 towers including Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest tower.

“There are currently 26,653 buildings under construction, including 16,870 developer’s villas, 1,238 multi-storied buildings, 737 industrial buildings and 6,111 private villas,” Layali Al Mulla, Director of DM’s Buildings Department, said.

Once completed, these will raise the number of buildings to more than 145,000 buildings by 2020.

She said, that in the first quarter of 2017, the number of buildings under the municipality’s supervision rose to 110,000, out of which 26,653 buildings are under construction. This includes private villas investment villas, general buildings, public and industrial establishments and multi-storied buildings.

Al Mulla said that as many as 3,360 buildings have been completed from this year till the end of March, out of which 2,296 are investment villas, 103 are multi-storey buildings, 783 are private villas, 67 are industrial buildings, 47 are general and 65 are high-rise.

The new buildings cover 33,470,772 square feet, she said. The multi-storied buildings occupy 5,313,909 square feet while the investment villas occupy 7,420,682 square feet.

Al Mulla said the Engineering Supervision Section inspectors carried out about 18,840 construction inspections on buildings under construction, while permits were issued against 4,157 applications for transporting fresh sand, and the section also received 927 applications for the transfer of sand.

She said that the total number of the suppliers and manufacturers of ready-made concrete registered in the Building Department registry has reached 60 companies while two companies were newly approved as suppliers of ready-made concrete.

“During the first quarter of this year, the Building Permits and Systems Section received 20,067 requests for new construction, which included 5,180 private villas, 3,820 investment villas, 3,975 multi-storied buildings, 2,582 industrial buildings and 2,310 high rise buildings. Out of this, 11,139 applications were completed, which included 1,863 multi-storied buildings, 3,330 private villas, 2,708 investment villas, 1,038 industrial buildings and 1,038 establishments,” Al Mulla said.