Welcome to the Client Relationship Department at Schon Properties. We believe that the best products deserve only the best possible customer service. We need to understand our customers and take ownership of their concerns and be able to eliminate worry and deliver timely answers to all questions asked.

The most successful companies have one thing in common “ incredible customer service.” We must always strive to go the extra mile and go out of our way to make the Client/Investor feel that we genuinely appreciate their investment. The end result is simple – a strong connection to the customer that goes deeper than the normal company-customer relationship. Understanding their individual needs, family and so on.

We believe in a strong customer service philosophy. Take ownership, be knowledgeable, Investigate, create solutions and deliver on them. A strong philosophy will make the difference between standing out from the others and staying competitive, or being like everyone else.

We must love our own brand in order to support it and strive every day to get others to love and support it through our business dealings.

So how can we achieve this?
We have to be honest, have integrity and total transparency. Clear line communication with time lines of response is essential. Our Clients are our partners and guests and as their host it is down to us to make them feel at home and at ease with us and deliver the best possible experience. Simply put “ We want to be the best and be known as the best